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the mug club

The Escapist Mug Club is a lifetime membership! A small initiation fee gets you 25% off all drinks (any and all drinks not just beers) as well as 25% off Escape Rooms. You will also have priority access to testing new rooms! 

You will receive a numbered mug, which will remain at The Escapist. You don't need to use the mug (i.e., you will receive a mule cup or wine glass if you order a beverage of that type), but the discount will still apply.

Fine print:

  • You may elect to forfeit your membership at any time and take the mug home with you. 

  • Taking your mug home will not be interpreted as forfeiting your membership.

  • If you go a year or longer between visits, your current mug may be surrendered to open a new spot. Your membership will still be valid, but you may receive a different number when you return.

  • We will replace mugs that we break, but if you are found at fault, a mug replacement charge will be applied (market price - as of 12/22 $7 for custom printed mugs). 

  • Drink benefits apply only to members (1 drink at a time and no wine bottles), but escape room benefits may be used to purchase escape rooms for larger groups (limit 1 room per day).

  • Rules are subject to changes. Lifetime memberships will not be revoked, but membership term limits may be introduced for new members.

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